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Guilderland Parks Rules and Regulations 2016

Town of Guilderland Parks and Recreation Department Rules and Regulations

Purpose:  These rules are established as written guidelines for the use of the Town of Guilderland parks and facilities.  The rules are intended to secure and preserve the fullest enjoyment of the parks and facilities for Guilderland residents.  Failure to abide by rules shall be cause for removal.

Park Hours:  Unless noted park hours are 7:00 am until dark year around.  It is unlawful to remain in the parks after closing times unless there is a special event scheduled.

Tobacco Free Zones: Playgrounds, playing fields, dog park, tennis and basketball courts and pool area.

Use of Facilities:  Park facilities are generally available for public use on a first come first served basis except in areas that require reservation and entrance fees.  Patrons shall not use areas, which a reservation has been paid for when such use conflicts with the person holding the reservation.  Confirmation of the reservation shall be displayed upon request. Carry-in carry-out trash policy is in effect for all parks.

Peace and Quiet:  Patrons shall preserve peace and quiet enjoyment of the parks.  Offensive language and undesirable noise amplification is prohibited, including boom boxes or CD players so that they interfere with normal conversations.

Prohibited Devices in Town Parks: Devices, such as bouncy bounces, inflatable slides, slip ‘n slides, pony rides, and other dangerous devices such as fireworks, air guns, slingshots, explosions, guns, floating lanterns, and archery equipment are strictly prohibited, unless authorized by Parks administration and/or Town Supervisor.

Disruptive Behavior:  Patrons engaged in disruptive, destructive or hazardous behavior may be warned and asked to stop such behavior by any park employee.  Unlawful conduct may require removal from the park.

Group Assembly:  It is unlawful to conduct group rallies or assemblies, which will conflict in any manner with normal park usage.  Large gatherings require a large gathering permit.

Hunting:  It shall be unlawful for any person (except authorized law enforcement personnel) to use, carry or possess firearms of any description including bow hunting and trapping devices.  Shooting into park areas beyond park boundaries is forbidden.

Injury, Removal of Natural Features:  It shall be unlawful to damage, cut, carve transplant or remove any tree or plant in the parks.  Picking flowers, injuring bark or removing seeds is prohibited.  Persons shall not dig or disturb grass areas or in any way injure the natural beauty of an area.

Erection of Structures:  It shall be unlawful to construct or erect any building or structure without permission of Parks and Recreation administration.

Restrooms:  It shall be unlawful for any person to fail to cooperate in maintaining park restrooms in a neat and satisfactory manner.

Refuse and Trash:  It shall be unlawful to dump, deposit or leave any bottles, glass, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, rubbish or other trash on park property.  No such trash shall be left anywhere on the grounds, but shall be placed in the proper receptacles where provided.  Where receptacles are not provided the person responsible shall remove all rubbish from the park.  A carry-in carry-out trash policy is in effect.

Vehicles:  Vehicles must be confined to roads.  No person shall drive any vehicle on an area except park roads or a designated parking area.  Vehicles must abide by posted speed limits.  Off road motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Vending and Fundraising:  Persons shall not conduct commercial sales, peddling, fund raising or solicitation except as authorized in writing by the Administration of Parks and Recreation.  No advertising or sign posting on public lands or adjacent highways without authorization of the Parks and Recreation administration.

Fires:  No fires are allowed except in cooking grills and such areas as designated by the Administration of Parks and Recreation.   No person shall drop lighted matches, cigarettes, cigars or any flammable material in any park.  Portable camp stoves and grills are permissible.

Pavilion Rentals:  Reservations are required for all pavilions. The Town Board sets fees for pavilions and fields.  Pavilion reservations are filed by filling out a Request For Use of Facilities Permit application, which can be obtained online or at the Parks and Recreation Office, located at 181 Route 146 (across from the Tawasentha Park entrance).  

Athletic Field Rentals: Reservations are required for athletic fields and can be scheduled by calling the Parks and Recreation Office at 456-3150.  Guidelines for Nott Road Park and DiCaprio Park are included as an addendum.

Animals:  Persons bringing pets or other animals in the park shall keep them on a leash.  Leads or leashes used to control animals shall be no longer than 8 feet.  Dogs may be allowed without leashes in the designated Dog Park at Nott Road Park.  See Dog Park rules.  Dog excrement will be removed immediately and properly disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Alcohol:  Unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation administration, the sale, possession with intent to sell or the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except at the Western Turnpike Golf Course.  Beer and wine are served by permit only at the pavilions. See Beer and Wine regulations.

Violations:  A violation of these rules shall constitute an offense punishable by a fine of no less than $100.00 nor more than $250.00 for the first conviction.

Updated 6/19/14