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Join the Big Dog for a dig to take place at the Boathouse in Tawasentha Park in Guilderland. The  theme will be Greece, and we envision a program that ambitiously tackles the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age all the way to the end of the Turkish period (3000 BC - 1820 AD). The development of the idea of "Greece" will be the focus of this dig and the search necessarily begins in mythology and the traditions of this ancient land: Jason and the Golden Fleece, Homer and Troy, Hesiod and the great Archaic Period writers, poets, philosophers and scientists. Equal attention will be lavished on the culture, history and geography of the Aegean region in an attempt to inculcate in the minds of the students the central themes and events that give Greek prehistory and early history its distinctive character.  The site under consideration is a composite of three places: Poliochni on Limnos, and Iolkos and Agios Efstratios in Thessaly, from which the artifacts come. The lecture, slide and excavation experience is intended to be a serious introduction to the historical and cultural idea of Greece, and to the artifacts and some of the central texts and stories that comprise the modern idea of Greece. Students will be asked to participate in games, lectures, excavations and analyses designed to enhance their skill and perception in regard to the evidence of something we today call "Greece" but which was not always a unitary phenomenon.  The full-day program will involve daily orientation, excavation, artifact processing, games and lecture.  Half-day students will be oriented and dig, but will not participate in the games and other lectures. On Friday the 19th, a potluck lunch on a Greek theme will accompany an exhibit of the excavators' finds at the boathouse in Tawasentha Park. After the potluck/exhibit is finished (2pm) the program is finished. You should plan to take your child/ren home by that time. This camp is as close to Greece as you are likely to get without an actual visit. The instructor has been there dozens of times and has excavated sites in the Peloponnese. If you have questions about Greek culture or history, this is the place to get them answered!

General Information
  • Campers should arrive dressed for the weather, with appropriate footwear and a cap or hat.
  • Sunblock and kid-friendly bug dope may also be needed.
  • All campers should pack a hearty lunch, labeled drink and a snack.
  • Space is limited; please sign up early if you wish to have your children attend.
  • Head Instructor: Geoffrey Purcell
  • Bus Transportation: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Aftercare: M-Th only, $30 until 5:15 pm. No early care available, drop off from 8:30 am. Contact the instructor, geofpurcell@gmail.com.